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"Ryan’s biggest asset to our company was not only his creative ability, but his persistence and diligence. There are two major considerations in the printing trade when it comes to design. First there is a constant influx of new technology and software to contend with, and secondly there is a real art to creating designs and concepts that are functional and capable of being reproduced in a variety of mediums..from business cards to billboards. Ryan’s unshakable personality allowed him to work with new technology until it worked right. Ryan also acquired an eye for layout and developed it in a cross platform environment. He can work in both Mac and PC based formats with a multitude of peripherals such as platemakers, scanners, digital printers, and large format plotters." -Mike Gibbs





"Ryan is wonderful to work with. He has fantastic ideals and will do his best to create the best product he can. I have known Ryan to have a very artistic eye, I especially love his photography and his patience while working to collect each detail. I would Highly recommend Ryan he is an excellent artist and visionary." -India Cruse-Griffin





"I worked with Ryan on various graphic design/printing projects. He was always professional to work with; produced high quality work, and provided items on time." -Lora Mindel

Artist Spotlight

Ryan was born and raised in Indiana. Always Curious. Always Creative.


Tests in school were never turned in with clean white margains, always adorning doodles of creatures and places that were obviously more interesting than the test itself. These doodles often earned Ryan a few extra points (even on Math tests.)


This natural passion spawned into various medias including Graphic Design, Photography, Fine Art, Sculpture, Metalwork, Video/Sound, and Upcycling.


The ability to create projects that fuse these medias into one fluid element is really where the fun begins.


Welcome to: Ryan Thalls Creative.



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